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School and college life is the best part of everyone’s life. But they don’t last long or last forever. We have to move on in our life with our family, job or business, etc. But still then and there we do get the memories of our school and college life and cherish them.

Alumni reunions are one of the most special events in a person’s life. It gives a one or two day chance to meet our friends, relive those school and college memories, chat and gossip about those early days, dive back into our younger life and happily sing ‘Those were the best days of my life’.

Why Should you make a alumni reunion t-shirt?

The best memory to carry back home from the alumni reunion is the custom alumni reunion t-shirt with your school or college name, logo, year of the batch, etc. The most happiest take away from the get together is the group photo of all friends wearing the custom alumni reunion t-shirt.

Not only the photo, the t-shirt can be cherished forever in our wardrobe. Whenever we wear the t-shirt again, we feel a sense of pride.

Where can i buy custom t-shirts for my alumni reunion?

Looking for that perfect t-shirt customized with your school or college name, logo, year of the batch, etc – you need not look further – Xtees will take care of the entire process, right from designing, t-shirt manufacturing, printing or embroidery, shipping, etc.

Hassle-free easy ordering

We live in a super-fast world today. E-mail is almost dead. Gone are the times you used to wait for email replies after sending an inquiry.

We have an immediate reply system thro whatsapp. No need to do your design using old school dirty interfaces. Just send us the final design files thro whatsapp and we take care of the rest.

We will assist you right from understanding your design, quote, pre-print or pre-embroidery size dimension previews, invoicing, order status update and shipping update thro whatsapp.

Whatsapp support

Please whatsapp your queries : +91-98435-25000

Where can i get design ideas for my alumni reunion t-shirt?

You can find a lot of designs online for alumni reunion t-shirts.

We have given some of the links below-

Google Images


How do i make the exact design with our logo?

Just select a design idea from the above links and whatsapp the design idea to us. Also, send us your school / college logo, name, batch year, etc. We will take care of the rest and make the perfect design for you.

How do i choose the t-shirt sizes and color for my order of alumni reunion t-shirts?

We will send u our simplified easy to understand size & color chart. You can pass it on to your group and request sizes from everyone. You can compile the sizes and forward it to us.

You can send our color chart to your group and ask for your friends opinion about t-shirt color.

What is the delivery time for alumni reunion t-shirts?

Delivery time depends on the design, quantity, t-shirt style etc. We will take anytime between two days to two weeks.

It is always safe to place the order before three weeks time so that there is no lat minute confusion.

However, if you don’t have that much time and need the order on a very urgent basis – let us know, we will work it out for you.

Variety of garments – styles, fabric, color, sizes

We offer a huge number of styles in round neck t-shirts, collar polo t-shirts, sweatshirts & hoodies.

We can make your t-shirt in any fabric viz., 100% cotton, 100% polyester, polyester – cotton mix, dri-fit, fleece, etc.

You can select your style from the above in about 50+ colors & 20+ sizes for men, women & kids. We can also custom manufacture colors & sizes as per your requirement.

Screen printed t-shirts

From table printing in 2000s screen printing has now evolved into computerized screen printing. This enables sharper precision in printing, exact accuracy in color seating, smooth & flat finish of printing on the fabric.

We also adopt the latest pre-process techniques for screen printing. We have the direct computer to film & screen making machines which provide sharp designs without curves.

These make our screen printed t-shirts special and stand out from the rest.

Logo embroidery t-shirts

From hand embroidery in 1990s embroidery has been outright updated with sharper precision embroidery machines manufactured in Japan. Now, we can even do a fifteen color logo in the latest embroidery machines.

We are equipped with the latest Barudan embroidery machines imported from Japan.

We also use the latest software for embroidery design punching for the exact design finish.

Direct to garment digital printing

Direct to garment digital printing also popularly known as DTG is the modern form of screen printing. DTG machine is directly connected with the computer and prints on the fabric directly.

DTG is very good for multi-color prints. DTG also saves a lot of pre-process time resulting in fast shipping turnaround time.

Hybrid Direct to Garment Digital Printing

Hybrid direct to garment digital printing is the most advanced technology in multi-color printing. The color output of Hybrid direct to garment digital printing is more accurate and brighter than Ordinary DTG.

Name / number Personalization

Individual name / number can be printed on each t-shirt as per your requirement. We can also do other personalization work according to your need.

India & worldwide shipping

We proudly ship from the Republic of India. We ship anywhere in India. We ship anywhere in the world. We can also ship to multiple addresses as per your requirement.

Whatsapp support

Please whatsapp your queries : +91-98435-25000

We believe t-shirts spread 🖤

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RNT 1994 Batch

RNT 1994 Batch

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